Revaro Agri Revaro Agri - SNIPER T400U

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The Revaro Sniper T400U features 25 horsepower, 4 stroke single-cylinder 359.2cc engine. 
monster performance and high-grade suspension provides widened stance which allows increased stability and absorb bumps allowing the driver better control. The T400U has a back bin at the back adds a level of utility that is unavailable to the other snipers. It has a more aggressive, sporty and attractive appearance and includes new features and improvements, such as the fully painted roll cage and frame, the solid front bumper, the adjustable seats, the led headlights and the new graphic design.

95 000.00 95 000.00

Engine & Drive Train
Engine Type4-Stroke, 1-Cylinder, Water-Cooled
TransmissionConstantly Variable Transmission
Gear SelectionForward and Reverse Single Speed
Horse Power18kW (6500rpm) - 25HP
Driveline Type4x2WD
Suspension / Brakes
Rear Suspension4-Link Bar
Front brakes220mm Dual Hydraulic Disk
Rear Brakes220mm Dual Hydraulic Disk
Machine Specs
Top Speed75km/h
Dry Weight500kg
Ground Clearance300mm