Revaro Agri Revaro Agri - T-REX630

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The T-REX630 is designed with an enclosed cab which keeps the operator protected from rain wind extreme sun and dust. All main parts are produces by worldwide famous brands from Japan such as the Yanmar Engine and the valve which is also a Japanese made brand called KYB.

The hydraulic pump is a plunger pump and is a perfect match for the valve output. This machine also features a wide variety of accessories such as an auger breaker wood grab rake ripper narrow bucket and leveling buckets to name a few. 

Main Dimensions
Wheel base1440mm
Length of track1892mm
Platform ground clearance535mm
Platform back turning radius885mm
Chassis width1454mm
Track width250mm
Track height455mm
Transportation length3918mm
Height (from seat to ground)1904mm
Total height2469mm
Boom swing- left539mm
Boom swing - right477mm
Operating range
Max. digging radius on ground4165mm
Max. digging radius4290mm
Max. digging depth2396mm
Max. digging height4153mm
Max. dumping height2909mm
Max. vertical digging depth2093mm
Min. rotation radius1857mm
Max. upgrade height of dozer blade257mm
Max. digging depth of dozer blade413mm
Machine Specs
Machine weight2640kg
Standard bucket capacity0.05cm3
Rated power14.6kW