Revaro Agri Revaro Agri - RDG30

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High end 3-phase Generators. With the higher range generators you can run a factory.
  • Auto start: detects when the electricity from municipal power gets cut off and automatically starts (With a delay of your choice, as low as 1 second)
  • High 3-phase 380+ volt output
  • Automatic throttle for load handling. 
  • Quiet running in sound proof casing
  • Electronic regulating and key / push button start
  • High product quality, made from the top quality materials
  • Well ventilated 
  • Permanent fixture installation 

95 000.00 95 000.00

Machine Specs
Prime Power30kVA
Standby Power 33kVA
Engine Brand Weifang
Fuel Tank60L
Dimensions2220 x 860 x 1200mm