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This multi-function telescopic loader  is used for the agriculture and construction industries. It can load aggregate or cargo with a bucket, bore holes with an auger attachment, load items such as hay with a bale fork and much more with the wide range of attachments available. In the construction industry this machine can be utilized as a functioning crane.
  • 3000kg Max loading capacity with 5.8m max lifting height
  • Yunnei 92KW Engine
  • Automatic transmission control
  • 4-wheel hydraulic spread-shoe brake
  • 4-wheel drive, Oscillating gear axles
  • Camel battery with high AH

  • Warm Cabin with luxury seat
  • Adjustable steering wheel and Seat
  • Cab Heater
  • Standard Bucket
  • Rear View Camera
  • Joystick Control
  • 17.5-25 tyres

ModelYunnei YN38GBZ
Rated Output92kW
TypeIn line, vertical, water cooled, 4-stroke
Number of Cylinders4
Starting MethodElectric
Lifting Capacity3000kg
Lift Height5800mm
Dumping Height4500mm
Lift Time3sec
Operating Weight7500kg
Bucket Capacity1.7m3
Max Speed20km/h
Drive Type4 Wheel Drive
Max Gradeability30deg
Dimensions7400 x 2150 x 3150mm
Front Tyres17.5-25
Back Tyres17.5-25